Amazing Me Social Skills Educational Game Ages 6+


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Amazing Me is a new and unique game that develops positive attitude and a better understanding of oneself. Promotes independent thinking, decision making, meaningful conversation and co-operation. Don’t miss this exciting journey of self awareness.

Players move their pieces around the board, landing on different category spaces.  The player then has to answer the question, and then the other players can ask further questions such as Why, Where, What, When, How etc. to get a more detailed answer.  The categories covered include Myself, My Family, My Friends & Tight Corners.

Some sample questions:

  • If you see your younger sister eating some pills from the medicine cabinet what would you do?
  • Your friend has been caught doing a wrong deed in school.  How will you react
  • What are your three goals for this year?  In what two areas will you try harder?

Suitable for ages 6+.