Cyclone Quartz 2 Triple Bearing Diabolo (Green) with Superglass Sticks by Juggle Dream


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The ‘Cyclone Quartz 2’ Triple Bearing Diabolo is a medium sized, bearing diabolo from European Juggling Company “Juggle Dream”. The ‘Quartz 2’ is the latest version of the incredibly popular Cyclone Quartz diabolo. Like the original Cyclone, the ‘Quartz 2’ comes with the same extra wide 20mm Axle and high quality Triple bearing. This allows it to reach incredible speeds and spin up to 20 times longer than standard Diabolos.

The Quartz 2’s translucent, scratch resistant TPE cups look stunning and will handle drops from even the highest throws. The Diabolo is especially weighted for optimum stability at all speeds, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced players.

Juggle Dream ‘Superglass’ diabolo handsticks are strong, lightweight and come with comfortable padded EVA rubber handles. The slight flex allows better performance and the fibreglass material allows for very long grind times.

Unlike some basic sticks, the string passes straight into the top of the handstick and comes out a few centimetres down on one side. This removes the knot from the top of the stick making some new moves possible and others easier.

  • Triple bearing for much longer, quieter spinning – up to 20 times longer than standard diabolos
  • The translucent plastic cups are durable for many hours of diabolo fun
  • Superglass handsticks are strong, lightweight, with soft handgrips, great for extended play
  • A medium sized diabolo, allowing for a wide range of tricks
  • Made by Juggle Dream, well known for their quality diabolos

Diabolo – diameter 105mm, width 123mm, weight 220 grams.

Handsticks – length 32cm