Dominoes for Beginner Readers – Wow! I Can Read Set 1 – Blue


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This set of 40 dominoes uses simple sentence patterns and sight words to help beginner readers. The dominoes are self-correcting, and can either be used as an individual matching activity, or as a group activity for 2-6 children.

The dominoes can be used at different ability levels. Firstly, as a matching game, then later to help the child learn to read simple sentences.

The dominoes can be wiped clean and come in a sturdy container. Each domino measures 95mm x 40mm.

Words reinforced:

I, am, in, the, a, this, is, and, look, at, me, like, my, here, are, big, little, mother, babies, go, to, can, you, see.

This works perfectly with the Wow! I Can Read Set 1 – Blue to further consolidate early reading skills.