Fun With Phonics – Beginning Consonant Blends


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Learning about phonics is an integral part of learning to read and spell. Phonetic reading is where a child learns the phonic sounds and then learns to blend them together to form words.

This games can be used in multiple ways to help your child learn about consonant blends in a fun, stimulating way.  There are 3 piece puzzles to put together, matching consonant blends with words.  Then move on to the board game, where players race to reach the end by naming more and more words beginning with consonant blends.

This game contains:

  • A Board Game – Blends Race
  • 25 sets of three piece Puzzles, total of 75 pieces
  • 30 Blend Play Cards
  • 4 Play pieces & 1 dice
  • An Activity Guide

Also great for :

  • Developing the skill of observation
  • Differentiating between blends and diagraphs
  • Blending phonic sounds together to form words
  • Spelling words that match the pictures
  • Developing language skills