Pre-School Flash Card Pack

Pre-School Flash Card Pack – ABCs, Numbers, Shapes and Colours


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Product Description

The Pre-School Flash Card Pack contains a variety of activities and games you can use to reinforce basic learning skills at home or school.

There areĀ 4 sets of flash cards, covering:

  • alphabet and basic words
  • numbers
  • shapes
  • colours

Each set contains a number of levels, so that your child can progress to more difficult tasks as their skills increase.

Specially designed activities, helpful guidelines and brightly coloured pictures make learning easy and fun!

Focus Areas:

  • Pre-number skills: basic shapes and popular colours
  • Numbers 1 to 10, including counting
  • Letters of the Alphabet and their sounds
  • Visual discrimination skills


  • 160 cards:
    • 40 x Shapes
    • 40 x Colours
    • 40 x Numbers
    • 40 x Alphabet
  • Activity guide